Welcome to ARTSONGS and the 3D mixed media art world, where MUSIC IS LIFE.

Embark on a visual journey celebrating the harmonious fusion of music memories and amazing 3D art.

“Ly was fun to work with when I decided on an ARTSONG gift for my son. He stayed in constant contact regarding timeline and updates” 

Robert L. - "Can’t Buy a Dream" Steely Dan

“The attention to detail is just amazing. Definitely a conversation piece when people visit the house.” 

Alexander P. - Rammstein Stage Replica

“The ultimate birthday gift for my Deadhead hubby. He loved it. Totally unique and totally unexpected. Thanks Ly”

Marisa G. - Grateful Dead Tribute

"I chose Artsongs as a gift for my wife in celebration of our 25th anniversary. It was a big deal, and a bold move for me, and I was more than a little nervous. Turns out, I shouldn't have been, as Ly produced an extraordinary custom, mixed-media piece beyond my wildest imagination.

Brian C. - The Beatles - 25th Wedding Anniversary

Ly collaborated throughout the process, from storyboarding to gathering creative elements. His personal warmth and passion for his work shined through in the end. Stunning work and a great creative experience--you can't beat it.

Brian C. - The Beatles - 25th Wedding Anniversary